Budweiser Campaign

"One Club, Young Ones" Prompt Submission

"The Ask"

Campaign ideas that put Budweiser's beer front and center to drive recruitment with the younger audience (21-34 beer drinkers). This generation “wears us, but doesn’t drink us.” They are huge fans of the brand – from Budweiser merchandise to the advertising campaigns – but there is a disconnect with choosing to drink the product... find a solution.




Campaign Part #1 | Become “One of the Buds” + Featured in the Bud-i-pedia Page

Website for winners (5) Interview style with cool facts about “The Buds”. Limited number of people will win this opportunity (5 lucky individuals).

How To Win?

If you enter your name in the Book-of-Buds (aka. You buy a pack of Budweiser and enter your unique code), you are automatically entered into the Bud-i-pedia Campaign. The more you enter your name into the Book-of buds, the greater chance your name will be drawn to become famous on the “Bud-i-pedia/Bud-o-pedia” website created by Budweiser for you. Budweiser will interview you and take your photo to go down in history as “One of the Buds”. Incentive: everyday individuals will want to become One of the Buds.

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Campaign Part #2 | Budweiser Book-of-Buds: The Next Generation

How To Win?

If you are of age to drink and under 30 you can scan the QR Code on the packaging of the special edition beer cans and enter the one time code on the tab and write your name in the “Book-of-Buds”. The list of names in Budweiser’s Next Generation will be accessible indefinitely. The Next Generation is to draw in younger consumers and steer the brand away from being the classic “Dad Beer”.

  • One code | 6-Pack of beer

  • Two codes | 12-Pack of beer

  • Your name can be entered more than once

  • The more packs of beer you buy, the greater chance you’ll have to win a “Bud-o-pedia”/”Bud-i-pedia” wiki page to become One of the Buds

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