Website Redesign

2020 Gold Addy Award Winning


Redesign Goal

The Japanese Inn's English website lacked western design practices: large images, clear clickable links, lots of white space, etc. The goal was to redesign their website to entice western customers to book a stay at the beautiful Japanese Inn. To do this successfully, the website needed to exude class, as well as an authentic "Japanese cultural experience" to entice the potential customer. I addressed this fact by leveraging elegant fonts and large white space to put the western website user at ease, feeling comfortable and impressed with the experience and most importantly, the Japanese Inn. 

Steps I took

The design process starts with understanding the end user. After immersing myself in the mind of the user and defining my goals, I move on to the next step. I lay out the flow of the website and begin wireframing. Next, I choose the font and establish the feel of the website to check that it matches my original goals. In this case, the high-end Japanese Style Inn needed a font to reflect that. Beautiful images to compliment and a smooth and intuitive flow to the website was essential. It provides the end user the feeling of elegance and relaxation if they booked a stay at this Japanese Inn. 

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Old Website Layout